ECONOMIC AND HUMANITARIAN EFFECTS OF THE WAR IN UKRAINE:  LESSONS OF RESISTANCE was the theme of the International Conference at CUNEF University (Madrid). It was moderated by Adoración Álvaro Moya, dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law and professor at CUNEF University and Isabel Maravall Buckwalter, professor at CUNEF University.

CUNEF is a private university, issued by the Community of Madrid under auspices of the oldest world University – Computence University (1293) The specialisation of teaching and research, excellence and internationalisation in business and economics, mathematics and digital business, law, governanceare and digitalization our inspiring principles at CUNEF University.

Jose Ramon Diez. Director of Economy and International Markets at Caixabank Research. Professor of Spanish Economy at CUNEF highlighted "Economic Effects of the Ukraine War". He noted the significance of oil, gas and food supply due to aggression in Ukraine.

Pablo Fernández Jiménez, External Relations Associate, UNHCR Spain/UNHCR Spain highlighted “Aspects related to forced displacement caused by the war in Ukraine” and the role of Temporary protection Directive at victims treatment.

National University "Odessa Law Academy", vice-rector for international relations, professor Viacheslav Tuliakov focused on challenges caused by war and economy imbalances on crime through concept of development and its influence on crime. Ukrainian lessons to resist were analyzed through  institutional aspects of combatting international, transnational and national crime.  Golda Meir`s quote “We intend to remain alive. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This is not a question that leaves much room for compromise” was the central motto of Ukrainian lessons to resist in this discussion.  Professors Adoración Álvaro Moya, Isabel Maravall Buckwalter and Blanca Lozano Cutanda together with CUNEF University postgraduates were among active participants of the conference.