Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University, Professor Viacheslav Tuliakov, met with the President of the European Public Law Organization, Professor Spiridon Flogaitis, and members of the Spanish branch of the European Public Law Group, chaired by Professor Luis Maria Diez Picasso, judge of the Supreme Court of Spain.

It was noted that within the framework of the existing agreements between the European School of Law and Governance in Athens and our National University  on free admission to higher education for students of the National University "Odesa Law Academy" in 2022/ 2023 academic year. Interested persons who speak English at a level of at least B2, and high performance can apply with a copy of

We remind you that in case of continuation of martial law during the academic mobility, males aged 18 to 60 years, will not be able to implement mobility due to restrictions on travel abroad in a state of martial law.