"A wonderful new world? The future of international relations after COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine" was the topic of a professional discussion with members of the Executive Committee of the World Association of Directors of Schools of International Relations (APSIA): APSIA President Jim Levinson, Yale University Jackson Institute Director, Maria Aransas Gonzalez Laya Dean of the School of International Relations Sciences Po, Paris, as well as the Rector of the University of IE and the Dean of the School of Global and Public Relations, Manuel Munis, Madrid. The discussion focused not only on Huxley's predictions about law and technology, but also on the future of international relations after two years of global pandemics and the recent Russian invasion to Ukraine.

How is the sphere of international relations changing in view of a number of unexpected global crises since the beginning of the XXI century? What can we expect in the coming months, years, decades? The session discussed the problems of international relations in the United Europe, the consequences of the war in Ukraine for the world and the appropriate ways to neutralize Russian aggression.

Due to friendly invitation from the School of Global and Public Relations of IE University, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the National University "Odesa Law Academy" Professor Vyacheslav Tulyakov took part in the discussion on the responsibility of Russian officials for aggression and genocide. This emphasizes the importance of the development of the Odessa School of Law and recognition of its achievements.