The faculty of Law of Charles University made an unique suggestion for students and staff National University “Odessa Law Academy” about new classes in  LLM Programmes taught in English in the academic year 2020/2021.


The LLM Programmes are offered in four different specializations:
1) The Law and Business in yje Czech Republic and Central Europe;
2) International Human Rights Law and Protection of Environment;
3) Health and Law (Medical Law and Sports Law);
4) Experiential Learning and Teaching.

All specializations are designed with commitment to provide high quality instruction. The specialisations 1)-3) focus on matters of practical relevance in the given field, whereas the specialization 4) is aimed at demonstration and acquisition of modern teaching methods and skills for (mainly) current or future academicians.

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The more detailed information you can get in International Relations Office of National University «Odessa Law Academy».