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Evgeny Khizhnyak
Dean of the Faculty
PhD in Law, Docent, Advocate

The advocacy is a public, independent organization of professional lawyers that performs an important state function - the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations. Therefore, it is important to train highly qualified specialists in the field of law who will professionally defend the rights of their compatriots.

The Faculty of Advocacy of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", which was reorganized from the Institute of Advocacy of the Odessa National Law Academy in October 2005, is the leading institution in Ukraine providing training of potential barristers.

The Faculty of Advocacy of NU "OLA" offers the education within the following specialties:

- 081 "Law" (educational program "Advocacy")full-time bachelor and master programs at the expense of the state budget and at the expense of individuals / legal entities;

- 073 "Management" (educational program "Management of legal business") full-time bachelor program at the expense of individuals / legal entities;

- 262 "Law enforcement activities" (educational program "Advocacy and law enforcement") full-time master program at the expense of individuals / legal entities.

The relevance of this specialization is explained by human nature itself, since disputes between the parties always arise where there are people. That is why a highly qualified lawyer is always provided with work and decent remuneration.

It should be noted that the education received at our faculty makes it possible to work not only in the legal profession, but also in the prosecution and internal affairs bodies, notaries, courts, to hold the positions of legal advisers in institutions, enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

The main content of educational work at the Faculty of Advocacy is to provide the students with deep theoretical awareness of domestic and foreign legal experience on the basis of a comparative analysis, as well as to let them gain practical skills. The students of the Faculty of Advocacy acquire the knowledge and skills of legal, economic, organizational, social, political and humanitarian nature necessary to work in law firms to protect the rights and represent the interests of individuals and legal entities.

It should be mentioned that our work is always focused on the close relationship between theory and  practice, therefore, on the basis of the faculty, not only the classic legal disciplines are set out, but also special courses, including: "History of advocacy", "Ethics of advocacy", "Features of court defense tactics", "Advocate in the exercise of judicial control within pre-trial investigation", "Advocate defense in compensation for harm", "Advocacy in the context of intellectual property rights protection"," Advocacy within administrative litigation", "The application of a polygraph in advocacy", etc.

The main task of the Faculty of Advocacy is to implement the acquired knowledge into practice: lawyers-practitioners are actively involved in teaching including members and leaders of the Odessa Regional Bar Association. Students also have the opportunity to attend court sessions, where they gain practical skills. The best students of the Faculty of Advocacy receive certificates of honor and gratitude.

The International Conference "The Advocacy: Past and Present" and round tables are held annually to discuss topical issues in the development of advocacy. Based on the results of the work carried out, a collection of scientific works is published. As a part of the faculty, there is a practice-analytical club "Advocate", the meeting of which is held with the participation of not only domestic lawyers, but also our colleagues from Europe and the United States. In addition, the faculty actively contributes to the implementation of the international cooperation programs, in particular the Trans-European Mobility Program for University Studies (TEMPUS) and Fulbright program. The Faculty of Advocacy has a student dormitory number 4 (Uspenskaya str. 28/30), which is located in the very center of Odessa.