Address: Academicheskaya Str. 9, office 28, 65009

Instagram: sociology_and_psychology_nuoua

Working hours:
Mon. - Fri. 8.30 - 17.00

Teachers’ hours of attendance:
Mon. 15.00 - 17.00
Fri. 14.00 - 16.00

Head of the Department
Doctor of Psychology, Professor

The Department of Psychology is a part of the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology, and provides full-time and part-time training at all faculties of the National University "Odessa Law Academy".

The department's objective is to train highly qualified psychologists, and participation in the research work of the university.

The department provides following disciplines: Developmental Psychology; Differential Psychology; History of Psychology; Cyberpsychology; Leadership, Mathematical Methods in Psychology; Medical Psychology; Neuropsychology; Processing and Analysis of the Results of Psychological Research; General Psychology; Organizational Behavior; Fundamentals of Biology and Human Genetics; Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology and Psycho-rehabilitation; Fundamentals of Research in Psychology; Fundamentals of Scientific Communication; Fundamentals of Psychiatry; Fundamentals of Psychocorrection; Fundamentals of Psychological Practice; Fundamentals of Psychosomatics and Psychogenetics; Fundamentals of Psychotherapy and Psychoprophylaxis; Fundamentals of Psychophysiological Research with a Polygraph; Pathopsychology; Pedagogy and educational psychology; Political Psychology; Practical course of General Psychology, Practical course of Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection; Practical Psychology; Psychodiagnostics; Psychological service in state and educational institutions; Psychological expertise in various fields of Ssychology, Psychological counseling; Psychology, Psychology of Public relations; Business Psychology; Health Psychology, Psychology and Pedagogy of higher education; Psychology of Conflict; Psychology of Personality; Communication Psychology; Psychology of development and personal growth; Family and marriage Psychology; Labour Psychology; Psychology of management; Psychophysiology; Work of a psychologist in educational institutions; Social Psychology; Comparative Psychology (Zoopsychology); Forensic psychological examination; Theoretical and methodological issues of Psychology; Theory and practice of psychological training; Technologies of psychologist's advisory activities; Existential Psychology; Experimental Psychology; Extreme and crisis Psychology; Ethical fundamentals of a psychologist; Ethnopsychology; Legal Psychology.

The teaching of these general and special disciplines is carried out with the implementation of innovative methods and teaching techniques. The educational process is intensified through simulations and training sessions.