Address: Academicheskaya Str. 9, office 78, 65009


Tel. 2359,2360, 719-87-95

Hours of attendance:
Mon. 15.00 - 17.00
Fri. 14.00 - 16.00

Head of Department
Doctor of Law, Docent

The Department of Philosophy accustoms students to the intellectual treasures of mankind, which have been accumulated for more than two and a half thousand years, and which are objectified in the corpus of philosophical sciences.

An introduction to the sources of wisdom of millennia allows to create a holistic, consistent outlook, which is a necessary and sufficient condition for comprehensive self-realization in the modern world not only for lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, journalists, psychologists, but also for a person in a strict sense.

The concretization of the achievements of philosophical knowledge in training is carried out through the formation of logically correct thinking, a method of world cognition that is adequate to the complex reality, and impeccable logical argumentation.

The Department gives following Disciplines: Philosophy; History of Philosophy; World Religions and Cults; Religious studies; Social Philosophy, Fundamentals of scientific research; Methodology of sciences; Philosophical Foundations of scientific research; Logic; Practical Logic; Logical and communicative culture of professional argumentation; Legal professional ethics; Professional ethics of a sociologist; Social anthropology; Methodology of a systems approach and scientific research; Philosophical Anthropology; Ethics in the context professional orientation; Philosophy of Politics; Contemporary philosophical and legal doctrines; Professional ethics; Professional ethics of law enforcement agencies; Theoretical issues of counter-terrorism.