Adress: 9 Akademicheskaya str., of. 56, Odessa, 65009

Working hours: Mon.-Fri. 08.30-18.00

Attendance hours: Mon. 15.00-17.00, Fri. 14.00-16.00


Head of the Department
Doctor of Law, Professor
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

The Department of Civil Procedure is a part of the Faculty of Civil and Economic Justice and is one of the leading departments of the National University "Odessa Law Academy", providing training for full-time and part-time students at all faculties and institutes.

The department provides the following academic disciplines: Civil Procedure; Enforcement proceedings; Notary of Ukraine; Resolution of certain categories of Civil cases in the Court of Justice; Proof and evidence within Civil Procedure; Alternative means of civil rights protection; Practice of the ECHR within Civil Procedure; Issues of Civil Procedure; Legal Statistics; Development of Civil Procedure in the context of integration processes in Ukraine; The latest doctrine of Civil Procedure; Electronic court proceedings; Implementation of information technologies into the legal proceedings; European standards in the field of Civil proceedings; Judicial Dispute Settlement; Representation in Civil proceedings; Simplification of proceedings; Strategy and tactics of the litigation; Consideration of family and hereditary cases; Protection of property rights; Judicial protection of rights within Civil proceedings; ECHR protection within Civil proceedings.

The staff of the department is actively involved in the development of admission tests, curriculum and academic programs of the National University “Odessa Law Academy”.

The Chair of Civil Procedure implements active teaching methods such as discussions, moot courts and situation modeling. In the course of training, students get acquainted with the practice the judiciary and public enforcement authorities, notaries. Students are given the opportunity to attend court sessions of the districtcourts of justice and Odessa Court of Appeal of Odessa to learn the course of the civil proceedings.

The main purpose of the research work of the Department is a comprehensive study of the field of Civil Procedure Law in accordance with the latest legislative amendments and to implement academic findings into the educational process.

The selfless work of the Chair's members, possessing talent and high professionalism, educates qualified candidates, who, in turn, continue to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian science at a decent level.