The Faculty of Journalism involves its students in academic, social, cultural and other activities, as well as provides following annual projects:

-The International Youth Festival of Social Advertising which is intended to draw attention to social issues of youth from the perspective of young people, as well as find unconventional solutions and engage young people and vast audience in the open discussion on the relevant social topics.

The festival is held annually.

-The International Scientific and Practical Conference for young researchers on the "Influence of new media: interdisciplinary approach"

The Conference considers the phenomenon of the new media from the perspective of communication science, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, political science, culturology, sociology, pedagogy, economics and other fields.

- The Contest "Momento" which is aimed to support photo and poetry projects.

- The Creative laboratory "TRoom" is a creative space where young people can share their ideas, find support and have a good time.

- The school of a young journalists and advertiser, a unique creative laboratory, which allows the applicants to study the fundamentals of journalism, PR and media production.

The school provides master classes in media, advertising and PR.