Application information Master`s Programme in Public Management

Application information Master`s Programme in Public Management

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Admission to the Master`s Programme in Public Management is carried out in accordance with the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers`s Decree of 29 July 2009 r. №789 (amended on 04.10.2016) (hereinafter - Procedure for Admission to graduate studies in the Public Service), and admission rules of the National University 'Odessa Law Academy', 2017.

National University 'Odessa Law Academy' enrolls applicants on a competitive basis, provided they are recommended by a public authority or local government, other than those referred to in paragraph 11, who are enrolled on special terms.

The applicant has to satisfy particular requirements. The person has to hold a Bachelor or Master`s Degree, to have at least one years work experience in central or local government,  who must not be over certain age limits: for full-time studies – 35 years of age; distance learning –  45 years of age. This Master`s Programme is offered on a non-competative basis to people who have special distinctions, such as 'Best Public Servant'. Furthermore, applicants can be enrolled to the Programme on a non-competative basis, provided that they cover all costs of tuition.

Applicants have to pass written entrance tests on: the basics of Uktrainian law; the basics of economics; and, undertake an oral interview on public administration issues. The overall mark of the applicant will reflect all parts of the examination.

Applicants who have already obtained their Master`s Degree in Public Management, or who fall under certain legal limitations will have to pay all tuition fees.

The application must submit four color photographs 3 cm x 4 cm, a copy of the Ukrainian passport, military ID card, diploma/certificates, employment record, tax index number. Applicants applying in person have to present their Ukrainian passport and military ID. Those applicants who are employed in public service, have to provide special documentation to indicate their category and rank.


Documents submission
20 April, 2017 – 15 July, 2017

17 July – 26 July, 2017

Recommendation for admission
till 4th August, 2017

till 10 th August, 2017

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