History of the library

History of the library

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Scientific library of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” has inherited the collection of books of the First state demonstrative kindergarten in Odessa, which was founded in 1920 with the aim of social education and education of orphans, as well as training of scientific and pedagogical staff by the Education Institute’s faculty. Gradually, the library received the status of the Methodology Centre of the Odessa regional administration of education.

The Scientific library reached its intensive development in 1997 when it joined the National University “Odessa Law Academy”. Academy leaders, keeping and increasing the university tradition, feeling the shortage of necessary educational and scientific literature, spared no efforts and resources to create the fundamental scientific library of the law university, in which the leading legal scholars desire to work.

Today multi-fund of the library has more than 700 000 copies of the documents in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages of the world.

The primary sources of history of law, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other disciplines, works of scientists of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” and other universities of Ukraine, materials and documents of international relations of Ukraine are widely presented. In the library the sector of legal literature in foreign languages was created. Its fund is constantly updated with editions of the world’s leading classic universities, as well as with materials of international organizations and institutions etc.

The library receives over 800 periodical titles, the most important materials from which are represented in electronic catalog.

Scientific library’s books collection is constantly updated with gifts of readers and patrons – lovers of books from Odessa as well as foreign friends of the university. We are grateful to the European Association of Public Law (Greece), TEMPUS programme, leading foreign universities, as well as Ukrainian and foreign lawyers.

An excellent tradition – presenting books to the library – is continued by scholars, students and employees of the university: University president, national deputy, academician S.V. Kivalov, prorectors V.A. Tuliakov, N.F. Kriklivyj, professors Y.N. Oborotov, Y.E. Polianskij, E.V. Dodin, V.V. Dudchenko, N.M. Krestovskaja, K.N. Vitman, Y.P. Alenin, L.K. Tzareva, etc. Library staff is deeply grateful for the replenishment of fund with rare editions.

The pride of the University and Scientific Library is the Department of rare editions – Book Museum, which received the room, equipped according modern conditions of the saving and presentation of the valuable library funds. More than 10 000 rare documents and material replenished its fund. Among them: Collegiate Dictionary. Publishers: F.A. Brokgauz (Leyptsig) and I.A. Efron (St. Petersburg) (1897); “Kobzar” Taras Shevchenko. Illustrated by M.I. Mikshin. With “Little Russian” and Russian texts (1896); "Code of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich ..." (1775); “Decrees of Vsepresvetlejshaya derzhavnejshaya Great Russian Empress Ekaterina Alekseevna, which were held from Jule 1 1766 till January 1767. Were printed according to the Highest order of Her Imperial Majesty (1766)”; Vasilіy Mastyuh Canon Law spousal (1910), etc.; hand-written documents - bills of sale, certificates, business letters; Archive of the first state demonstration kindergarten in Odessa, 20-30 years of the twentieth century, etc.

Exposition of the spiritual culture history is opened with famous manuscripts XVI-XVII century. National shrine "Peresopnytsia Gospel" (1556 - 1561 years), facsimile edition of which was carried out in 2008 with the blessing of His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kyiv and All Ukraine, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and is dedicated to the 1020th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. "New Testament" 1623 is one of the oldest exhibits of the rare books department.

The true gem of this unique fund are books published by "SPARK" in the history of national and international legal thinking. Publications on the history of Odessa and Southern Ukraine adorn a collection of documents, both in historical terms, and the legal.

Automatization of library processes in the Scientific Library of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” is carried out since 2000. A local computer network of the library is a part of the computer network of the University and includes 98 computers. In the Scientific informational center of the library there are 13 working places, and the number of the automated working places in the reading room for students is 11. On library computers the licensed antivirus programme ESET NOD32, which guarantees the safety and saving of tha databases, is installed.

Today the electronic catalogue ABIS Unilib of the library is accessible not only in the local network, but also via the web-interface in the Internet: http://lib.onua.edu.ua/new/index2.php. It counts over 637 368 descriptions, in particular: analitical descriptions (articles) – 321 395; theses – 826; abstracts of dissertations – 6 424; electronic publications – 3 393.

The total number of the full-text documents in the Institutional repository of the University eNUOLAIR (Access mode: http://dspace.onua.edu.ua/) is over 4500 documents. On September 2015 the electronic archive-repository got the individual number ISSN, which used for the identification of the electronic periodicals.

In 2015 the possibility of the placing of materials of the repository eNUOLAIR in BASE – Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (www.base-search.net).

Fund of the digital library includes created by the library, as well as purchased and donated documents on electronic media, increases:

•1208 digitized texts;

• documents in electronic form (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) - 480 units on the history of world culture, economy, politics, etc., which contain bibliographic full-text and other information.

In the reading room the computer legal system "League: The Law” is functioning. Readers are able to work in the electronic library catalog as well as in the Internet, to get acquainted with the database of theses and abstracts.

One of the scientific activities of Scientific Library is the preparation and publication of scientific bibliographic editions:

• collective work of University scientists and library staff, which is based on an electronic catalog - the first in Ukraine "Legal journal of abstracts";

• a series of bio-bibliographical indexes “Scientists of National University “Odessa Law Academy””, prepared by the staff of bibliographic department. Twenty two issues published display the scientific and creative development of the University lawyers’ team. .

Research Library provides a methodical and practical assistance to the training centers of the University in different cities of Ukraine, for the school and college libraries.

We have good cooperation with the National Library named by M. Maksimovich of Kiev National T.G. Shevchenko University, scientific and methodological library center of the Ministry of Education and Science, Scientific Library of the Odessa National University named by I.I. Mechnikov – methodological center of the Southern Ukraine universities’ libraries.

Ongoing support of all library initiatives by the University leaders and the Academic Council, close interaction with academic subdivisions, as well as the professionalism of the Scientific Library’s staff, allowed it to provide a high level of development and the ability to take a rightful place in a united scientific and educational space and to provide information support for the activities of leading law university in Ukraine.


History of the Library